Kastor Boat Trips

People have lived on our islands since the Bronze Age. Fished, farmed, built up businesses and good communities to live in all year round. You’ll find plenty of traces of the past, but traces of negative environmental impact on the other hand are hard to find on our islands. When we take visitors out into our magnificent archipelago, we always carry that perspective with us. We want to be able to work here for a long time and protect this environment. We have chosen to use more sustainable older locally built boats with small two-cylinder fuel efficient engines, and we go at slower speeds to reduce fuel consumption. That creates less ‘boat shame’ as well. When we fish, we only take what we need from the sea and after the boat trip we want our guests to be able eat what they have caught, prepared right on the doorstep.

The diving club on the island, Divers Against Ghost Nets, helps us find lost equipment at the bottom of the sea, avoiding unnecessary suffering for shellfish that may get caught in the ghost tackle and ensuring that the catch can be made with the right equipment instead. Annelie Pompe, world champion free diver and island resident, is ambassador for our sustainability work on Hönö.

Bohuslän has a coast that is unique around the world, and the tourism industry makes it possible to both live and work on the islands. Our nature and our resources are exclusive, and we can focus on quality rather than quantity. It’s clear that this is precisely what attracts visitors here as well. Bohuslän will never become like Gran Canaria.

If you want to be as climate smart as possible you can use this climate footprint calculator.

We reach our peak visitor numbers during July and August and we don’t want those to increase further. We have worked hard over the years to lengthen the seasons as well as open new ones. We see the results of that work every year. Spring season starts a little earlier each year and late summer rolls on into autumn. We’ve been open all year round since 2019 and run boat trips on a small scale during winter.

Our business is small, with few employees, like many others in our industry. But just like a little bee pollinates many flowers, our business spills over into many others. We focus primarily on offering experiences packaged with boat activities, meals and hotels. Every small enterprise in our harbour creates reasons to travel which aides business growth and leads to more jobs or more business start-ups.

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