Café på Klostret

Café På Klostret (Cafe at the Monastery) in Blomberg on Kinnekulle mountain is at the heart of a flourishing community of local producers, big and small.

We take a holistic view of everything from the production of pastries and food to how we decorate our premises.

We follow the seasons, using few raw materials and making use of every bit. It is important to have a dialogue with our local producers, learn what raw materials they want to highlight and what they have to offer in the moment. We shape our range of food and baked goods based on these conversations,.

Being able to offer our guests a locally produced menu is important to us. Food waste is also an important issue that everyone who works with us must think about. It is about respect for our producers and for the sake of the environment and the economy. ‘The margin sits in the un-licked pot’ is a mantra we feed our employees with!

For example, we buy pressed fruit and berries from Bramley’s juice factory out in Kålland. When they have squeezed out what they need, we buy the leftovers and make cake fillings or flavour other pastries, bread, or food.

We are always working to keep water consumption down. We keep track of how much water we use on an annual basis and every year we try to reduce water consumption compared to the previous year.

While we obviously want to attract customers, it is equally important to us that they enjoy the nature around us in a way that benefits the environment as well as body and soul. We rent bicycles for small and large groups, we advise on walks every week, for all ages and abilities, and can also arrange guided tours.

Our staff are one of the most important things we have. Summer is our peak season, when we have many young people from the surrounding area working here. The majority stay with us year after year until they graduate and move on in life. We work closely together and have a good team spirit where it’s a matter of course for us that everyone has equal value. The older ones pass on their experience to the younger ones, and everyone supports each other. This collaboration makes working together more effective and enjoyable.

We promote equality in respect of gender and knowledge. The most important thing, regardless of gender and age, is that everyone is equally important whatever tasks they perform. It is this kinship that makes our company spin.

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