Good for both residents and visitors

Attractive places to live are often also attractive places to visit. Visitors arriving from elsewhere are nearly always a prerequisite for locations to be able to offer a wide choice of restaurants, shops and other services.

There does however have to be a balance between residents and visitors so that the number of visitors doesn’t exceed a place’s capacity threshold.

Stepping up Sustainability’s strategy to help create a tourist industry that is good for both residents and visitors is:

to increase understanding of the relationship between tourism and attractive locations

Residents need to be aware that services offered where they live are dependent on visitors. Tourism actors must also be sensitive to residents wishes. We work to encourage positive interactions between residents and visitors.

to prioritise efforts that lead to as much of the income generated as possible staying local

Different types of tourism contribute different amounts to the local community. The greater the tourist spend that stays local the better.

We therefore prioritise attracting visitors who stay, eat and do activities provided by local businesses, and events that use local suppliers.

to prioritise target groups that make a positive contribution the place.

In order for tourism to make a positive contribution to the local economy consumption needs to happen at the destination.

Our marketing will target visitors with the potential to spend money and thus create jobs. It’s better to have fewer who consume more per person than more who consume less.