Stepping up Sustainability

West Sweden’s tourism industry sets an example in the transition to a sustainable society.

This is Stepping up Sustainability

Stepping up Sustainability is West Sweden’s joint initiative for sustainable tourism. Public and private operators acting together to shift towards a more sustainable society.

Together we create economically viable businesses and tourism that does not lead to unnecessary negative impact on the environment and is valued by both residents and visitors.

Success will be achieved through continuous improvements focusing on concrete initiatives. Nothing happens by itself. Achieving sustainable tourism needs management and we all have to play our part.

Stepping up Sustainability links directly to several of the 17 goals in Agenda 2030, with specific focus on goal 8 (objective 8.9), goal 12 (objective 12b) and goal 13 (objective 13.3).

We have joined destinations across the world to step up the region’s commitment to climate action by signing up to the Tourism Declares initiative. Click here to read more about this initative.

Watch the Stepping up Sustainability film

This 2 minute film describes Stepping up Sustainability, why it is so important, and how to join the initiative.

Four key principles for a sustainable tourism industry

Stepping up Sustainability is based on four key principles which will guide the choices we make when developing and marketing tourism in West Sweden. They are the directions we will follow when deciding where our time and money should be invested.