More full-time jobs and more resilient businesses

The tourism and hospitality industry is probably the sector hit hardest by the pandemic. This demonstrates the need to build more economically viable businesses that are better equipped for the future.

Tourism is a major engine for job creation which is why the industry is being supported in different ways by public funding. In some places in West Sweden tourism is in fact absolutely crucial for employment and the economy.

It’s also an important industry for integration as it employs many people with a foreign background and is moreover an entry point into the job market for many young people.

At the same time there are a number of challenges. In many places seasonal variations mean that it’s hard to offer full-time jobs. Employment contracts and job requirements sometimes make it hard for this sector to attract and keep staff.

Stepping up Sustainability’s strategy for helping to create more full-time jobs and more resilient businesses is:

to carry out campaigns that create demand when and where places aren’t full.

Having an even occupancy most of the year creates the right conditions for increased profitability and more full-time jobs. The work done to create increased occupancy at the desired times and in the desired locations described in the third core principle is therefore central to job creation in the tourism and hospitality industry.

to work actively to improve economic viability

The tourism industry consists mainly of small businesses with low margins. The ability to survive crises and downturns is generally poor, which in its turn puts many jobs at risk. We are working to strengthen commercial reasonableness.

to set up and test partnership models to create more full-time positions

In places with clear seasonal variation, local cooperation can create opportunities for more full-time jobs. We are working to find opportunities for collaboration between, for example, conference venues and nearby summer restaurants, restaurants and the public sector and between trade and restaurants.

to make workplaces more attractive

Being able to be a good employer is vital when attracting and keeping staff. There are plenty of positive examples of businesses which have succeeded in doing that. We exchange experiences and share many of those success stories.