Walkers Naturturer

Walker’s Nature Tours create a friendly dialogue between people and nature. Through my guiding, which is based on respect, curiosity, knowledge, and wonder, I want to give my clients a lasting memory that inspires further development and a continued desire to protect nature.

During our tours it is a given that we pick up any rubbish we find along the coast.

By offering full equipment for my tours (mainly in kayaking) I minimise the risk that the customer has to buy “stuff” that will never be used again. As a result, material consumption is reduced.

I collaborate with local stakeholders in accommodation and restaurants. This spring, I have established a collaboration with Skärgårdshotellet, Hönö, with whom I created four package offers. Until now I have prepared the packed lunches myself and these have always been vegetarian food, home-baked bread, Fairtrade and KRAV-labelled products, in season, using home-grown vegetables, and I don’t use disposable packaging. My hope is to establish a collaboration this year with one of the local restaurants that can supply lunches that uphold the same values.

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