Villa Bro

Villa Bro is a small hotel and restaurant in Brodalen, near Lysekil. Our philosophy is to create joy, curiosity and inspiration for a more sustainable lifestyle. It should feel easy-going and comfortable to be with us. We work closely with local companies and people in the area, in terms of local ingredients and guides. Sustainability permeates our entire business, everything from the food and drink we serve to the indoor and outdoor environment. Our ambition is to focus on Bohuslän, and especially Brodalen, as a fantastic area for outdoor life all year round.

We are very active with reuse and recycling. Here are some examples.

Recycle shop: Much of what we use that makes it fun to be in nature can be reused, such as equipment, clothes and shoes. We take in good quality training and outdoor products and sell these in our recycle shop. 80% of the revenue goes back to the seller and the rest is used for lectures, workshops and events with the goal of encouraging more sustainable consumption.

Interior design: Most of our furniture and interior design details are recycled. Some are used as they are while others have undergone a redesign.

Porcelain: Food is served on Rörstrand plates, ‘Elisabeth’ and ‘Annika’, designs by Marianne Westman from the 1970s.

Recycling: We recycle most things such as batteries, glass, metal, cardboard and plastic. We save energy by heating the house with an air/water heat exchanger. Our electricity comes from wind power and is supplied by Leva.

Cultural trail: We have created a cultural trail with a map of sights that are within walking distance from our door – from climbing a mountain to visiting the local church and local history museum. Different experiences but with one thing in common: It generates almost zero carbon dioxide emissions to follow this path.

Coworking: During 2021 we developed ‘Bro Coworking’ – a creative meeting place where we establish the conditions to inspire and support each other. An economic association has been started based on a business model that includes great local commitment. We share resources, reduce travel and contribute to a sustainable lifestyle that has well-being, and balance between work and leisure at its core. ‘Bro Coworking’ is a meeting place that offers, desk space, meeting rooms, conference spaces and wellness. To stimulate entrepreneurship and, by extension, societal development, we plan to arrange various events such as corporate breakfasts, workshops and exhibitions.

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