Ramsvik Stugby & Camping

In autumn 2019 Ramsvik Stugby & Camping installed the largest solar PV installation in the Swedish hospitality industry. It comprises 618 solar panels (1199m² in total) on the roofs of our restaurant, reception and most of the cottages. This means that we are self-sufficient in energy throughout the year.

We have also installed three charging stations for electric cars, use water saving shower heads and have an electric lawnmower instead of a petrol one. In several of our camping cabins there’s a load management device that switches off non-essential electric consumption (boiler and heating) when the stove and oven are being used. We of course recycle cardboard, glass, batteries and cooking oil and fat.

80 percent of our guests travel less than 500 kilometres to get to us. Our marketing is aimed at local markets. Apart from Sweden and Norway we also focus on Denmark and Germany rather than guests from further afield.

We try to use other local suppliers as much as possible. Almost everything we buy in is grown and produced nearby. We are working to reduce food waste in the restaurant, and we go round picking litter up in the nature reserve. At Ramsvik Stugby & Camping we see ourselves as a cog in the tourism wheel. We’re stronger together, making our guests’ overall experience as positive as possible.

We love collaborating at Ramsvik. We have partnered up with others in the camping industry, developing our businesses to meet guests needs and requests more quickly, and also work with several businesses in the same area who complement and improve our product. These are our guiding principles:

Each of us do what we are best at – We do what we do best and then collaborate with other businesses to meet our guests’ requirements, thus making the guest’s experience better and benefiting several businesses, thus creating more job opportunities and greater revenues for the Treasury (better health and social care, and schools…).

We are stronger together than alone – We see other businesses in the industry as colleagues rather than competitors. That approach is shared with other businesses in the camping industry and it benefits us all – and also our guests because development happens more swiftly, and we can offer an even better product.

We share good practice – If there’s something we are better at we’re happy to share it with others. And we’re really pleased that there are many other businesses that think the same, it helps us all improve.

Local first and foremost – Wherever possible we employ people living in the area, buy what we need locally, use local workmen and choose local suppliers for the restaurant. We also encourage our guests to eat out, visit attractions and do their shopping around Ramsvik.

We work actively to be profitable – A profitable business can afford to do better sustainability work. Without profitability we would not have been able to build our solar panel installation.

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