Erikson Cottage

Erikson Cottage in Ljungsarp offers accommodation, organic fika, activities and various events. Our pastries are made only from organic cultural cereals (flour) from farms in Västra Götaland. When it comes to other ingredients such as meat and vegetables, we buy everything from local farms and producers within 30 minutes distance. The farm also keeps its own bees, producing enough to sell and for our own consumption. Erikson Cottage’s revenues really stay 100 percent in the local neighborhood.

In terms of energy, we only buy green electricity, have installed ground source heating and heat exchange air and water pumps. There is a private well with high water quality, and during 2020 we also installed solar cells.

Our events (yoga, hiking, artist weekends) are chosen for their minimal impact on the environment, and because we are located in the countryside we can determine the balance between accommodation and visitors.

An attractive example of reuse is that in our new bakery / restaurant we have taken the old barn floor and reinstalled it as a wall.

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