Lådfabriken supports sustainability from all aspects along with everyone’s rights in society. The LGBTQ+ community is close to our hearts. We want locals and neighbours to feel welcome here and every New Year’s Eve we invite them to an open house and serve a special Dutch delicacy.

Lådfabriken is located in a protected coastal area where it is especially important to respect nature, so we regularly pick up rubbish on beaches, islands, lakes and streams in the surrounding area. Our guests receive both a garbage bag and a pick-up stick when they check in and they are challenged to participate in the #5minutesbeachcleanup initiative. We share information about how to behave responsibly when out in nature to make it easier for them to do the right thing.

Our hiking, cycling and kayaking packages include lunch in reusable containers and you are welcome to bring your own thermos. We encourage public transport and the use of bicycles for excursions. We also offer packaged experiences during autumn, winter and spring as a way of extending the season.

We use only natural products to care for our beautiful garden, which has over 100 roses, berry bushes and fruit trees. Anything that is compostable goes to our three compost bins; fish and shellfish waste goes back into the sea. As far as possible we grow our own herbs and tomatoes and also produce 12 different kinds of jam and marmalade for the breakfast table.

We are members of ‘Taste of West Sweden’ – a certification that brings together restaurants, producers and farm shops that offer sustainable and genuine West Swedish products and dining experiences based on seasonal, local ingredients. We try to make purchases as climate-smart as possible and collaborate with a number of local producers in the region, including Kullans lycka (sausage), Adelsåsens (turkey), Gringos Nordic Coffee Roasters (coffee), Tavlebords Honungsgård (honey), Mellby Lantgård (eggs), Torp Farm (yoghurt), Larssons Fisk (fish, crabs, langoustine), Scanfjord (mussels, oysters), Halla Fiske (lobster), Havstenssunds Ostron (oysters), Bramleys (apple juice) and Almnäs Bruk (Wrångebäcks cheese).

We only use eco-labelled cleaning products. We avoid using our dryer as much as possible and let the laundry dry in the fresh breezes from the sea. All waste is sorted at source, including any from guest bedrooms. Guests decide for themselves and can request a fresh towel whenever desired.

In the future we plan to install solar panels and a charging station for two cars so that more guests can visit Lådfabriken with an electric car.

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