Pater Noster

We act responsibly, think long-term and work continuously to improve our sustainability, taking this with us in the decisions we make for our business. This is based on both the environmental perspective, the social (inclusion, equality and tolerance) and our own economic sustainability. We want both ourselves and our guests to make as little impact as possible on the environment.

The concept for our interiors is 70% vintage and 30% new. We have our own waterworks that desalinates and purifies the sea water that we drink, and we have a goal to begin our own production of salt, seaweed products and solar cells. Of course, we choose suppliers who work with sustainability themselves and want to develop it.

On the island we also separate our waste, and we try to reduce the purchase of glass and PET bottles by making our own lemonade, and carbonated drinks.

We compost or donate leftovers from the restaurant and cafe. Many of our employees are young people from the local area and by working with us they get a broad experience of professional life. We train our staff in multiple departments – this contributes to and secures the growth of new local labour resources.

We cooperate with local producers in order to get as much locally produced and organic produce as possible. To protect the environment all invoices are sent by email and we only provide digital receipts. The heating is also turned off in all rooms and facilities that are not in use. We reduce the consumption of hot water with push button taps and we also try to minimise the number of plastic products.

Pater Noster’s lighthouse is open to everyone, and the island also provides the opportunity for swimming, which activates our guests. We also contribute economically to various organisations and foundations aimed at children and young people who need nurturing in everyday life.

In order to extend the season and employ more people we are also aiming to stay open for nine of the twelve months of the year.

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