Trolmens Bed & Breakfast

All the food we serve is 100% vegan and, as far as possible, also organic. This reduces the negative impact on the environment and climate. We cook our own food when we can and use vegetables, fruit, and berries from our garden and foraged from the forest.

All the cleaning agents we use are eco-labelled. All new bedding and towels are made from organic cotton. We avoid buying new things when we can find what we need second hand, we recycle all waste that we can and encourage our guests to do the same.

We work on reducing our waste and unnecessary use of all types of materials. Our water comes from our own deep-drilled well. Electricity and heating are from 100% renewable sources and purchased from a local company.

Our operation is completely fossil free which includes all car journeys, grass cutting etc. We leave large parts of our garden untouched to encourage biodiversity and encourage our guests to explore the local area by foot and by bike.

There are trains that stop close to our B&B and we encourage our guests to arrive by public transport.

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