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One of the energy-saving measures we have taken at Vann Hotel is to source energy from the fjord. The hotel is located right by the Gullmarsfjord in the municipality of Lysekil. And wouldn’t it be stupid not to take advantage of the energy that already exists?

We work continually to reduce the proportion of purchased energy used to run the property. As part of our long-term environmental thinking, we are aiming to maximise the amount of locally produced energy in order to meet and exceed all environmental requirements. With the help of the water from the Gullmarsfjorden and new geothermal heat pumps, we have managed to significantly improve the energy efficiency of the hotel.

Three years ago, we carried out an analysis and review of the energy system. This resulted in new ventilation units, new geothermal heat pumps, new control and regulation systems, and a decision to build a solar cell plant of 1,200 square meters.

The last solar panels were installed on the hotel’s roof last summer – a total of 584 panels. Since the facility was put into operation, we have saved approximately 86,600 kg of CO2 emissions – which corresponds to nearly 300 planted trees.

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