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Safeguarding the environment in Bohuslän is a given here at Lagunen. It’s important to us that people, animals and nature at Lagunen and in Bohuslän thrive and are treated with respect. So you can rest assured that we do all we can to cause minimal damage to the environment, and work actively to reduce our carbon footprint every day.

When you stay at Lagunen it’s in a more sustainable manner. We’ve invested in making our Bergsbyn cottages extra sustainable to protect the environment and not waste energy. Our Terrace cabins are equipped with solar panels on the roof which produce green electricity all year round. The electricity from the solar panels is used to power the air source heat pumps in the cottages, which warm them when it’s cold and act as fans when it’s hot. Sustainable and environmentally friendly!

At the bottom of the hill you’ll find our standard Bergsbyn cottages, which have sustainable geothermal heating system. Our facility blocks 1 and 2 are heated geothermally, which ensures in a sustainable way that you don’t freeze when you clean your teeth and can take a hot shower when you need to. Some of our facility blocks also get their warm water provided by the sun – via solar thermal collectors on the roof that warm the water up in an eco friendly way meaning you can have a shower with a clear conscience.

We’re proud that our beaches have been certified by Blue Flag here at Lagunen, an international eco-label designed to protect the marine environment. Blue Flag is an assurance that water quality, safety, services, environmental education and information live up to the strict standards required. In Sweden there are only 8 beaches and 12 harbours with a Blue Flag certification (2019), and Lagunen is delighted to be one of them. So you can also swim with a clean conscience here!

Lagunen works with Tjärnö Marine Laboratory on different issues to do with the sea and awareness about it. We have recently become involved in a joint project called “Marint gränsforum Skagerrak” which is a collaboration between different bodies in Sweden and Norway. Among other things this involves us creating a “hanging garden” inspired by the “Havhøst” project in Copenhagen.

But our focus isn’t entirely on environmental issues, social sustainability is every bit as important for us. We have sponsored Grunden Bois for many years, an organisation that works with winners – because #everyonesawinnerhere. Their work in sport gives a meaningful life to many youngsters with disabilities.

Lagunen also donates some excess items from its shop every year to the Swedish Church in Strömstad, who see to it that the food goes where it is needed.

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