Since Upplevelsebolaget started sustainability has been an axiomatic part of our operations. We have, for example, been approved by the national accreditation system for sustainable nature tourism in Sweden, Nature’s Best. This means that we have addressed in our practice a great many criteria grouped in six key principles of sustainability, which match the international standards laid out by the GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council). You can read more here: https://naturturismforetagen.se/natures-best/

We have also been assessed by Swedish Welcome twice and were rated excellent (when that process was still being carried out).

Within the framework of the above awards/sustainability processes we have made many adjustments and changes towards being a more sustainable business. We conserve our resources, reduce the amount of waste, buy organic and locally produced, employ people living in the area, offer work placements, work with local and national environmental or conservation organisations and work actively with issues related to tourism activities on land that someone else owns.

We have won the following awards, among others: Årets Ekoturismföretag (Green Tourism Business of the Year) in Sweden (2006) and Årets Hållbara Företag (Sustainable Business of the Year) in Uddevalla (2018). 

Our owner Joakim Hermanson has also been involved with Sweden’s national industry organisation Naturturismföretagen (previously Svenska Ekoturismföreningen). He has been a voluntary board member since 2013 and in 2018 started working part time with national issues regarding the sustainable development of Swedish nature tourism.

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