The Läckö Castle Foundation

The Läckö Castle Foundation works to run the business as sustainably as possible. Biodiversity is encouraged in the fields on our estate, and the grass is then mown with scythes and composted. The Little Kitchen Garden has a KRAV organic certification and is worked in a virtuous circle, where everything gets used. The harvest goes to the on-site restaurant. Breakfast is also KRAV certified (level 1) with a focus on purchasing local produce. We also try to reduce food waste from the breakfast buffet as much as possible by putting out less food, and re-filling dishes instead. Staff use up leftovers for their breakfasts. Our cleaners use organic products around the area as much as possible.  

Waste is sorted into fractions on the whole estate and transport around the area is mainly by electric car. We also think about social sustainability by, among other things, treating our visitors equally, being as transparent as possible and striving for diversity in our staff. We also strive to create as much unity among our staff as possible, between the various work groups across the entire operation.


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