Sustainability is important to us at Ragnerud. We act responsibly and for the long-term. We are constantly striving to improve our sustainability and take this into account in all the decisions we make in our business. Our thinking encompasses environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Our campsite is in a beautiful location, so naturally we encourage our guests to join us in making as little impact as possible on the environment. 

We compost or donate leftover food from the restaurant, café and kiosk, and use a lot of locally produced ingredients and products. Garbage is sorted at source, and we make environmentally conscious choices when it comes to disposable products. In addition, the consumption of hot water is reduced through hot water buttons and payment terminals in the guest showers. Heating is turned off when not in use, and we charge for electricity on our pitches, which encourages a reduction in electricity consumption. To reduce the environmental impact, all invoices are sent out via email.

Ragnerud is very committed to the community so we can contribute to protecting its future. Our cabins are built from wood sourced from the local area, and we try to preserve the nature around us as much as possible. The large playground on the site is open to everyone in the community and we have a ban on mobile phones in the playground – we hope this means the whole family get active together and maybe make connections with local families too.

Many of our employees are young people, who gain a broad experience of professional life by working with us. We train each of them in several areas and it is also important for us to work with a clear structure to give the team confidence and clarity in their work. To reduce the workload, we make a lot of use of online booking.

Our campsite has employed three generations so far, and we look forward to continuing on the path we have set.

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