Johannesvik Camping & Stugby

For many years now, we have had electric cars and bicycles available for our team to move around the site and there are two charging stations for guests’ electric cars. We invite our guests to participate in our sustainability aims! We urge them not to drive around the campsite unnecessarily, not only to reduce emissions but also to create a safe and peaceful environment. Instead, we recommend taking public transport, renting one of our bikes, or walking. We have bus stops and beautiful exercise trails right on our doorstep.

At Johannesvik we have placed waste bins on the public exercise path, and we have waste sorting facilities for staff and guests. We recycle as much as we can, such as grease, glass, cardboard, and batteries. There are also deposit return bins that we empty at the end of the season and claim the deposit. All the money raised goes to charity!

In the showers our guests use shower cards that regulate the time for the hot water, and since 2005 we have had solar collectors that heat the water for the showers and reduce our electricity consumption. We also use Tork SmartOne® in the service buildings and thanks to this, paper consumption has reduced by up to 40%. We use only LED lighting in our service houses and in our cottages.

Our restaurant and shop are also involved and making a difference by using local ingredients and working to reduce food waste. To the greatest extent possible we also try to combine deliveries to the different parts of the campsite.

Just as we use local raw materials, we also forge local partnerships and hire local craftspeople and suppliers. As far as possible, we also hire team members from the local area.

All collaborations with local companies as well as marketing of activities, restaurants, and shops in the area means that most of the revenue stays local and benefits the local economy and it ensures that our visitors have plenty to see and do close by.

In the future at Johannesvik we hope to extend the seasons, create smooth transitions between high and low seasons and thus create a steady occupancy. In this way, we will support the conditions for long-term employment and a more sustainable tourism industry.

In the high season, when we have the most to do, we employ extra staff in the store, restaurant, reception, cleaning and janitorial. Many of the extra team members choose to return year after year, which we hope is confirmation that we are a good employer and an attractive place to work.

Although Johannesvik does not have many full-time employees, by extending the season and creating a steady rate of occupancy, we can contribute to creating more job opportunities. If not at our company, then maybe at another in the local community?

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