Glasets Hus

Glasets Hus is situated by Limmared’s Glassworks, which is Sweden’s oldest working glassworks. The museum has, as well as an exhibition spanning from the 18th century to the modern Absolut Vodka bottle, glass blowing huts, a café and masses of other activities.

Glasets Hus is in an excellent position from a sustainability point of view. The building is right next to the train station and is also a travel centre for train and bus traffic via the Kust till Kustbanan (Coast to Coast Line). We have a long established collaboration with the ICA supermarket in Limmmared which delivers baguettes and bread buns to our café daily. We have also recently started a project where leftover food from our café is delivered to the store to be sold after lunch.

We have also invested 6 million SEK in an activity park for children, which is really popular with both visitors and residents of Limmared. Glasets Hus also collaborates actively with the local authority’s integration strategies. We offer work placements and training. Integration efforts form the basis of the investment in the activity park.

As a result of the coronavirus crisis we have also broadcast live from the glassblowing hut – something that exceeded all our expectations. 3200 watched the first live broadcast and amongst them were viewers from 10 countries. An ABSOLUT marketing bullseye.

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