Inforest offers sustainable off-grid accommodation in the forest outside Hjo. The basic principle when living off-grid is to be sparing with the resources. Partly because the resources are limited, but also to make as little imprint as possible, both in nature and for the environment.

The houses are equipped with solar panels that together have a maximum capacity of 2 kWh. This energy is fed through an inverter that both charges the houses batteries and sends out 230 V to the sockets. This means that we accumulate energy while offering our guests the comforts of home.

The houses have a water tank of 350 litres, which can sound like a little, but is in fact enough for quite a few days for two adults who are thoughtful about their water use. The house’s hot water heater holds 10 litres, which is smaller than you are used to home. This amount of hot water is enough for about 5 minutes in the shower. If you don’t soap up with the water running it’s no problem to have a hot shower.

We are also careful when it comes to informing our guests about being sparing with the resources. We inform about the right of public access, and how to act responsibly in the natural environment. It is important to us that our guests respect nature and the fragile ecosystem they visit by, for example, not picking moss from stones and not cutting trees or branches. Guests should also only light a fire in the fire-pit, which has spark protection and has the least risk of fire spreading and causing greater damage.

Information about this and much more is on our website. We recommend all our guests to read our questions and answers before booking.

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