Gunnebo Slott och Trädgårdar

Gunnebo Kaffehus & Krog, and Bakery are uniquely located in the middle of the lush kitchen garden. Part of Gunnebo’s sustainability work is to keep the menus open to change. The kitchens and bakery design their menus based on what Gunnebo’s gardeners bring in daily. Menu creation is also based on what the local organic producers can deliver in season. It is important for us to work with producers who share our belief that good food is produced organically. The collaboration with the gardeners also means that we are constantly developing new ways to use herbs, spices, and vegetables. For example, what can we cook using all parts of the celeriac?

In the bakery, we use heirloom varieties of cereal in everything we bake, from cardamom buns to sourdough bread. Heirloom cereals are original varieties that have a broad genetic base. This is very good from a sustainability perspective as these cereals have an easier time adapting to changes in climate and agricultural landscapes. The genetic variation also makes it difficult for external influences to knock out an entire harvest. At Gunnebo we use the following types of flour: Heritage wheat, Spelt, Durum and Rye.

In all parts of the business, we strive to make use of everything and create new exciting flavours and products that generate minimal food waste. For example, leftover cinnamon buns are ground into flour and become new crunchy cinnamon bun slices. If there is something left over after all, we choose to either compost it in our garden compost or send it to the municipal biogas plant.

Gunnebo Kaffehus och Krog is a member of Sustainable Restaurants Network and Taste of West Sweden.

In the Gunnebo shop there is a range of organic products including food, textiles, and plants. The shop also sells products with labels such as Fairtrade and a range of non-toxic toys.

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