Wrågården winner of Sustainability Step of the Year 2022

Judges’ motivation: Sustainability Step of the Year 2022

“Wrågården is an example and an inspiration for other small business owners in the area by always developing the business and working with sustainability in all dimensions. With the best interests of guests and employees at the core, new branches of the business are added regularly that contribute to Wrågården being a robust and multifaceted hospitality business.”

This year’s Sustainability Step of the Year Award in the category ‘Tourism Business’ goes to Wrågården in Falköping. The prize was awarded at the West Sweden Tourist Board annual conference at Bergakungen in Gothenburg on 10 November.

West Sweden Tourist Board CEO Fredrik Lindén (left) and COO Marie Linde (right) presented the award to Maria Lund and Henrik Alexandersson of Wrågården.

This year’s Sustainability Step of the Year goes to a civic initiative and a tourism business that have taken to heart the four principles of Stepping up Sustainability:  As little unnecessary environmental impact as possible; Good for both residents and visitors; More visitors when and where it’s not busy; More full-time jobs and more robust businesses. Each year, four candidates from four different municipalities (Borås region, Fyrbodal, Gothenburg region and Skaraborg) are nominated in each category. This year Wrågården, in Falköping, were victorious.

– It’s huge for us to receive this award. Sustainability is really something we want to be associated with, and with which we have worked for many years. We have had a long development process in our business and started by doing things from scratch – it feels good that it’s paying off, says Henrik Alexandersson, who is the fifth generation to run the farm Wrågården.

Wrågården is originally a traditional family farm which, under Henrik Alexandersson’s leadership, has expanded the business to include a range of different activities: Restaurant, moose park, moose hotel, bison breeding, football golf, padel, beer and whisky tasting, conference, farm shop, café, and much more. Ever since he took over 22 years ago, he has focused on creating a sustainable business – not least from a personnel perspective.

– Today we have nine people permanently employed all year round. One of our aims has been to develop our activities beyond the high season in order to have more security for our employees. In the past it was difficult to achieve year-round sustainability – we made more money during the summer and Christmas seasons – then the surplus from that had to cover the deficits in the quiet months. It’s very tough to work like this indefinitely, so it feels great to have found a solution where our staff are secure and can enjoy and be passionate about what they do, says Henrik.

Wrågården is run organically. All meat produced on the farm is raised organically, and everything served in the restaurants is Swedish. Even the animal feed is organic. Henrik Alexandersson believes that it is important to benefit the Swedish farmers. In addition, 200 lunches are delivered every day to private preschools in the surrounding area.

– The preschools we deliver to are invited to visit us once every year – all the children get a guided tour and learn where the food they eat comes from. I think it is important to educate the younger generation about what is good food, says Henrik Alexandersson.