Nääs Fabriker Hotel & Restaurant

Nääs Fabriker Hotel & Restaurant is Nordic Swan Ecolabelled. This former 19th century cotton mill is in a beautiful location right on the shores of Lake Sävelången.

As an employer we value our employees’ ability to contribute to making Nääs Fabriker the thriving place we want to create.  Nääs Academy is one of our initiatives to encourage employees to want to stay and progress with us.

A geothermal heating system is used to heat the building and our electricity is provided by renewable energy. We continuously replace light sources in the area with LEDs. Guests and visitors with electric cars can use our charging stations. All of the toilets in the building are low flush to conserve water.

We deal with waste in our own recycling area where we sort combustible items, paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, electronics and compost. To minimise the number of journeys we have also invested in a waste compactor. Cleaning is primarily done using washable microfibre cloths and purified water. We have our own laundry where bathrobes and restaurant uniforms are washed. Other washing is done at an eco-labelled laundry. We have reduced our use of plastic consumables and single use items for among other things take away and single use cups.

During the summer the restaurant is mostly self-sufficient in herbs from our own garden and greenhouse. Many of the ingredients we buy are locally produced and meat is purchased from our neighbour in Gråbo, Lammet &Bonden, and from Skövde Slakteri. We do careful meal planning to reduce food waste. The coffee we serve is Fairtrade and our tea has a Demeter Biodynamic Certification.  

Bröd & Malt is our own bakery and brewery, where leftover bread from the bakery is used when we brew our beer and leftover malt from brewing when we bake our bread. A circular concept that enhances the flavour. The bakery uses only organic heritage grains. We have also raised our own hop poles nearby to supply the brewery with fresh locally grown hops.

We have placed beehives on the lake shore where honey is harvested that we sell to our visitors. Rädda Bina (Save the Bees) is a project run by The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation which we support. We encourage our guests to request that we don’t clean their rooms if they are staying several nights, then we also donate 50 SEK to the project.

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