Trålverket (The Trawler Workshop) buys a lot of what it needs second-hand. There is plenty of kitchen equipment, furniture and furnishings on the second-hand market that are good for the environment and the wallet.

We invest a lot in hiring local people from Dyrön where we are based. Hiring young and inexperienced staff can be demanding but is also exciting. From a social perspective it is positive, as our team and their families often choose to spend their holidays locally.

Trålverket works a lot with other local companies. That is the key to making our business successful. We help each other on Dyrön with staff, supplies, and so much more. It’s a sustainable collaboration that makes us all stronger.

As a restaurant it is important to work with the best ingredients. We work hard to source good vegetables, and the fish we serve will be fished in local waters if possible. We are part of the Lokal Meny (Local Menu) project, and in the long run the aim is to get even more food from the local area onto our menu.

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