Stora Hotellet Fjällbacka

At Stora Hotellet we grow as many of our vegetables as possible on Klev’s Farm, between Smögen and Fjällbacka, where our chefs go to pick what they need. We use local suppliers so that nothing has to be transported unnecessarily far. We buy all our crayfish from local fishermen in Fjällbacka so that everything comes to us straight from the boat.

We were delighted when we found a company in Fjällbacka that makes cleaning products that are eco-labelled, and because their factory is on our way to work, we can collect what we need en route and avoid unnecessary transport. We only change towels and beds on request, if a guest is staying for more than 3 nights, this reduces washing and transport.

Part of making our business good for both residents and visitors, is that we work with a local laundry that is both ISO 9001 and 14001 and Nordic Ecolabelled to ensure that there are no unnecessary chemicals in the products that come to us.

When we clean, we work with the Nordic Ecolabel or Good Environmental Choice labelled productsa so neither our staff nor our guests are exposed to harmful substances. During the pandemic we have had to offer a lot of alcohol-based hand sanitiser, but we have a local company that produces this, and they have made one that is moisturizing and a little milder for hands, while still meeting the recommendations.

To attract visitors when and where it is not full, we work a lot with pricing. We offer lower prices Monday-Thursday along with some alternative activities for guests that we can’t provide when the hotel is fully booked Friday to Sunday.

Our goal is to be open all year round to attract guests to Fjällbacka outside the high season, and to be able to create more full-time jobs. As we are a small hotel one of our strengths is that everyone in the team helps with everything, and we become like a family. We think this is really important because it develops our younger team members and creates a welcoming atmosphere for our guests.  


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