Pevon Ecoturism

Working sustainably is no ’quick-fix’, it takes a long time and a lot needs to change. Not least one’s own approach. When we at Pevon Ecoturism started our education in ecotourism we soon realised that it’s not just about sorting waste or taking a train instead of a flying – it is about so much more. It has been a fantastic journey for us, where we got to meet many talented teachers and committed entrepreneurs who run their own businesses around the country.

How do we work when sustainability issues on a daily basis? Well, for example, we cooperate with other nearby companies, which fosters the local business community. We are happy to work with smaller groups and also prioritise local suppliers for our supply of organically-grown ingredients. As much as possible, we buy our equipment second hand, and we only use biodegradable cutlery, plates and mugs.

By joining Stepping Up Sustainability, we want to learn even more and share the experience of others – all to help minimise unnecessary environmental impact in the future.

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