Albert Hotell, Kök & Konferens

Here at Albert Kök, Hotell & Konferens we are very concerned about our environment. Which is why we chose to apply for certification from Nordic Ecolabel. As a result, we have held our Nordic Ecolabel certification since 2008.  

Our aim is to maintain ongoing environmental activity. For us this means that we work constantly to lower our energy consumption, to use more certified organic and locally produced products, and to make good environmental choices when it comes to chemicals and printed matter. We choose Nordic Ecolabelled furniture or similar for our premises and hotel rooms.

Albert Kök, Hotell & Konferens uses geothermal energy and a carefully tested heat curve to provide the best comfort for our guests and best energy consumption for the environment. We have also chosen electricity from our supplier that only comes from renewables.

Our customers are invited to use their towels more than once and to leave any recycling on the table so that we can sort it and take care of it for them.  Glass, plastic, metal, batteries and more will all be placed into the correct recycling containers. 

We also provide a charging station for guest’s electric cars. The fee for this is SEK 100 per charge.

Instead of bottled water our conference guests are served with an environmentally friendly water system, where they can choose carbonated or still water.

In the restaurant we work with sustainability and the environment in mind, at all times. We are careful to work resource-wise with all our raw materials and separate any waste into all possible fractions. Our preference is to work with Swedish and, above all, local suppliers and to coordinate delivery transport as far as possible. The chemicals used in washing and cleaning are all environmentally certified.

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